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Emcees need to know pt(6)


The tropes of classical rhetorical techniques. Lets start with these;
Litotes- deliberate understatement. for dramatic effect

Paradox- a contradictory, but often revealing, logical anomaly. Example "I decided to be undecided "

Antimetabole- reversing the word order of phrase previously employed,

"This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end, but perhaps the end of the beginning."

Emcees need to know pt(5)


Emcee's should invest in professional Microphones. When the D.J. comes, he brings his tables so you should bring your own m.i.c. Practice with that Mic and never, ever drop it.

Emcees need to know pt(4)


Certain consonants create sounds that when electrically amplified become abrasive or detract from the intended effect. B's & P's can sound over-exaggerated causing a 'pop', whilst the natural sibilance of C, S & Z can produce a hissing sound. These are problems that can be avoided by using a combination of correct diction and mic technique.

When using a microphone for the... first time, the natural instinct is to place it in right in front of your mouth, but with todays technology, most microphones are extremely sensitive and capable of picking up sound from any direction, moving the microphone further from your mouth, angling it to one side or lowering the mic and angling it more towards the ceiling will lessen the sensitivity by just enough to prevent the pops and hisses, the adjustment can be quite fine depending on the EQ & gain settings plus equipment type and quality.

Emcees need to know pt(3)


Emcee`s need to know that when performing, the hot stage lights can dry your mouth out sometimes allowing your lips to stick to your teeth making performing the song uncomfortable or impossible. To help prevent this use a good quality lip balm before you hit the stage. Apply to lips and little to your front teeth.

Emcees need to know pt(2)


Get your live show to the point where people are going home blown away and talking about you when they leave the venue. So rehearse, rehearse, and rehearse again, then play as many shows as you can. And be sure to build your set list in a way that makes for a great show, not just a series of songs played one after another.

Emcees need to know pt(1)


The emcee is the storytelling event’s representative, is the bridge between producers and tellers and audience, sets the tone for a particular concert or festival set, determines the energy level throughout, is responsible for keeping on schedule and establishes the kind of community feeling the event will have.
Depending on the situation, the emcee often wears many hats: arti...stic director of a set, venue coordinator, stage manager, stagehand, sound and lighting consultant, intro/outro writer, community builder, pitch person, clock watcher, trouble shooter, energy gatherer, care taker, point person of one on one audience feedback (both positive and negative), first aid expert, nerve calmer, cheer leader and dog catcher! And, the emcee must wear each hat with grace and charm!
It is an important, demanding job requiring energy and skill.
No pressure though!!!

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